Recall Jeep Grand Cherokee 2012

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Recall Jeep Grand Cherokee 2012

JAKARTA - Chrysler Group melakukan recall terhadap 25.250 Jeep Grand Cherokee dan SUV Dodge Durango dari model tahun 2012 hingga 2013. Recall ini terkait dengan update software yang berguna untuk meningkatkan perfoma pedal rem ketika melakukan manuver yang dirasa berbahaya.

The users Jeep Grand Cherokee and Dodge Durango states that inconsistencies occur on the brake pedal causing the brake feels 'non-adherent' to the driver, especially when carried out panic braking (sudden braking). These cars were equipped with Ready Alert Braking, which will help stop the brake shoe disc brake when braking suddenly. However, this condition does not eliminate completely from the brake function itself.

Upgrades are performed will include brake fluid and updated software to optimize the 'compliance' of this brake pedal. However, until now the Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge's parent company, still has not announced a timetable calling for the car overall.

To 25,250 cars affected by the recall are most common in the United States with the involvement of at least 18,700 units. Fortunately until now there has been no reports of accidents caused by such things.

The fate of Indonesia?

Meanwhile, PT. Garansindo Inter Global as an official APM Chrysler , Dodge , and Jeep in Indonesia claimed that up to now there has been no notification from the center to conduct this recall "There has been no announcement from the center of the recall was" said Bayu Arya, Media Relations of PT. Garansindo Inter Global.

Even so, it sure would make the call if it is no announcement in this regard "Wait for the announcement of the first center. If there are, surely we will call "he concluded. Until now, at least about 200-300 units of the Jeep Grand Cherokee that has been present in Indonesia. The car is priced from Rp 1.3 billion to Rp. 1.75 Billion.


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